Nursing home employees caught abusing residents on spy camera

Two nursing aides from Nightingale Nursing Home along Braddell Road was caught on a spy camera abusing a resident, sparking a massive outroar among Singaporeans.

 She was said to have been in that state for 30 minutes.

A spokeperson for Nightingale Group said this was an isolated incident and that those responsible would be punished.

The video was recorded by a resident's relative using a secret camera.

 The video clip was taken by a hidden camera put on a patient’s bedside by his son who suspected that the staff were abusing her mother.

It showed two nursing aides lifting the patient up and throwing her onto a bed. As the elderly woman groaned in pain, one of them was shown slapping her on her mouth:

The showing incident came to light after the Ministry of Health was alerted to the video. It has since suspended Nightingale Nursing Home from accepting new patients.

According to a reader who had a relative staying at the home, most of its staff are from the Philipines and Myanmar.

In a statement issued to the press, a MOH spokesperson said:

“Our inspectors regularly check that all nursing homes are properly maintained, keep their patient records in order and institute effective infection control measures.

Nursing home operators are also required to maintain care standards on medication administration, fall prevention, housekeeping.

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