Hasselblad Ships 200 Megapixel digital Camera

Fanatic Digital SLR Cameras currently reach up to 18 megapixels of image resolution. 

Professional photographers who can get their hands on a camera that can cost tens of thousands of dollars just got a fresh supermodel to drool over: Hasselblad’s H4D-200MS.

The H4D-200MS, announced last year, is an renew of the existing H4D-50MS, which delivers 50 megapixels of resolution.

The new Digital camera uses the similar 50 megapixel sensor, but takes six shots as moving the figure by 1.5 pixels at a time to carry a 200 megapixel image. 

Hasselblad promises dazzling detail in applications such as car or art photography. Each picture is linking 250 and 300 MB in size.

The company is advertising the new camera for 32,000 Euros which translates to about $45,000. 

Owners of the 50 megapixel camera can send their camera to Hasselblad to fit the 200 megapixel upgrade, which is priced at 7000 Euros or concerning $10,000.

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How to buy an Excellent Spy Camera?

Spy Cameras are very useful against crime solving nowadays. If you watched the news, there are lots of crimes being covered by spy cams that resulted for the full awareness of the people. 

These spy gadgets watch cameras are very effective in the sense that they are recording the real happenings and they are very stealthy.

But due to the growing demand for these devices, many models of spy cameras are popping like mushrooms in the market. This causes hesitation on the people because they don’t know what inspections cam they should purchase.

Effects – Take into version the lights you will need. Do you desire to be recording in the dark? Is your surveillance camera gonna be located in a quiet area, aloof from natural light?

High Resolution – Be sure you own good quality resolution. You do not want to capture a crook on video, only to enclose it too grainy to have a superior criterion. Pay out the additional us dollars to obtain a good video resolution.

Legitimate Capability- Consider irrespective of whether you need voice and or video recordings. Keep in mind that it happens to be prohibited in some states to record a person’s voice. Appreciate this right before buying or you might be paying for a attribute that you are not able to make use of.

Big Memory – Make certain your camera has bounty of memory. Are you going to have the skill to check out it usually? You don’t wish to use up all your storage just as the crook is approaching! The quantity you need is going to rely on the incidence of which you check your camera and release memory.

User Friendly – Make sure it is quick to installation. A lot of camera systems are really important edge and you would like to ensure that you install it the right way. Are the recommendations easy to track? Perhaps they have assist that can set up it to outfit your needs? The corporation must also have a webpage that discussion of their product or service in info and will allow you to post them with concerns.

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Hidden Camera found in Glendora coffee shop women's bathroom

Hidden Camera found in Glendora coffee shop women's bathroom. Police arrested a man accused of secretly videotaping more than 40 women using the restroom at a Glendora coffee shop, officials said Wednesday.

William Zafra Velasco, 25, an unemployed student and resident of San Dimas, was arrested May 4 for purportedly hiding a camera inside the women's toilet for two days in April at the Starbucks in the 1800 block of East Route 66.

The camera was hidden as a plastic coat hook and was affixed to a wall directly across from a toilet. A Starbucks employee revealed the device and called police, they said.

Police said, shortly after the system arrested Velasco, who downloaded the device about every hour to his laptop computer while sitting in his car.

Detectives confiscated his laptop and say they found video of at least 45 female victims, including children, using the toilet. It did not emerge that any of the videos were uploaded to the Internet or circulated, they said.
Velasco faces felony charges in link with the case. He has posted $50,000 bail and is set to emerge in court June 21.

So far, police have known 11 victims, but Glendora police are asking for the public's help in identifying the other 34 victims.
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Fujifilm Launches new FinePix S3300 Super Zoom Camera

Fujifilm India Pvt. Ltd. have recently launched the FinePix S3300, which is the latest in their S-Series of digital cameras.

The S-Series from Fujifilm consists of the company's DSLR and bridge new camera models.

The FinePix S3300 appears to be a serious new applicant into the already crowded digital cameras market.

The 24 mm wide angle Fujinon lens is capable of not just the super zoom, but also of shooting extreme closes ups of subjects located as close as 2 cm from the lens.

Along with a 3.0 inch display, the camera also has an Electronic ViewFinder (EVF), which is new useful while shooting outdoors under direct sunlight.

Special Features :
  • 14 Megapixel resolution image CCD sensor.
  • The main USP (Unique Selling Point) of the camera as being advertised by Fujifilm is its powerful 26x visual zoom lens with CCD Shift Image Stabilisation.
  • It supports high sensitivity at up to ISO6400, allowing you to get recovered photos even in insufficient lighting. 
  • HD movie shooting at 720p (1280x720 pixels) is yet another smart feature and you can even play back these movies right through the camera, by hooking it up to your HDTV using a HDMI cable.
  • Smile&Shoot, Face Detection and Blink Detection are also some of the other useful features to this camera.
  • Fujifilm FinePix S3300 is available at an attractive M.R.P. of Rs.15,999 and comes with a 2 years warranty.

We are sure that customers will have a delightful experience with this camera and it will more strengthen Fujifilm s positioning as a Digital Camera brand with strong technology background." 

    Hidden cameras catch cleaners raiding Swedish trains

    Hidden cameras were used to catch a number of sticky fingered cleaners red handed theft from the restaurant cars of Swedish trains.

    The cameras were installed in February after officials from Swedish public rail operator SJ noticed significant shrinkage in the stocks of liquor, beer, food, and candy found on several restaurant cars, the Metro newspaper news.

    The cameras were put in place directly after the trains were taken out of service and before they were moved to the depot in Hagalund, Solna, but were removed again before the cars were put back in check.

    Following the camera's installation, ten members of the train's cleaning crews were caught in the act, with one suspect being recorded factually wiping the shelves clean and depositing the booty into a large plastic garbage bag.

    "We're talking about thefts of a important amount over the course of a year," SJ spokesperson Dag Rosander said the newspaper.

    The ten cleaners have now been reported to the control.

    Many people not linked to the investigation were also caught on the nearly 50 hours of footage gathered in SJ's quest to unmask the restaurant car thieves.

    As a result of the union's privacy violation concerns, Sweden's Data examination Board is set to review the matter. 

      Electronic Nose can find Asthma

      Dutch scientists have developed an ‘electronic nose’ which can smell within five minutes if anyone has asthma, the reports on Tuesday.

      The paper says the system has been four years in growth at the University of Amsterdam’s AMC teaching hospital and claims 90% accuracy.

      The ‘e-nose’ recognizes the molecular make up of exhaled breath and can also differentiate between asthma and lung disease COPD.

      Easier to use :

      The Researcher Niki Fens said, the paper the equipment is cheaper, smaller and easier to use than traditional machinery used to identify lung problems.

      The researchers also hope the e-nose can be used to classify asthma in young children.

      E-noses are already in use to recognize other diseases and infections and are used in the food industry as well.