Mimamori Z001 camera looks like helmet

It is always nice to be capable to spy on your pets and kids when you are not at home. This cam is a type of mix between a nanny camera and a security system. 

At the same time as it looks big, it is actually pretty small about 4 inches to each face.

The Mimamori Z001 masquerades as some variety of helmets, but in reality it was made for pet owners to keep an eye on their four legged friends while they are at effort. 

The camera pans 35 degrees to the right and left, as well as 40 degrees up and 5 degrees down.

It can capture image stills in VGA quality (640×480) and video (176×144). Stills are great, but if those are really the specs, the video quality is ridiculously low resolution. 

This cameras can be remotely triggered by a text message. There is no information on pricing, but it will be available in Japan in December. 

It won’t be long before you will be able to turn your home into the Big Brother House. 

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Hidden Cameras Found throughout two Students in Apartment

These two Bulgarian women initiate cameras all around their rented house, hidden cameras in burn motion detectors inside their bathroom and bedrooms. They were in truth all over the house.

Vanya Samokovareva, 22, and Ralitsa Dzhambazova, 23, came to the United States for the summer below a work abroad agenda. 

Hidden Cameras Found Throughout Students Apartment

They were living in their Westchase area apartment for two months before make the discovery. Discuss to Tampa TV station Baynews 9, Vanya said that at first they thought they were just smoke detectors. 

Except there were cables coming out of them and into the carpet tiles.

For some reason, they firm to follow the cables to a protected closet a few days ago. After breach the lock, they found a closed circuit TV box linked to a wireless router. They didn’t say why they waited so long to check those cables out or why they did it at present. Vanya was shocked and can’t identify with why anyone would do this.

You are in the bathroom, you take a shower you make all. This is silly that there is a spy camera; this is the idea to show us bared to show what we make in the bathroom?

This is horrible. I never imagine that this thing can happen to me or my friend. We presently came here to spend one summer in the United States, to work now. Where the people watch us? What they watch? Because this is your personal room.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is on the case. Apparently, the landlord and the apartment manager “could not comment” on this story. I am sure the judge will make them comment pretty.

    Royal Philips Electronics, record loss of 1,3 billion dollars

    The Dutch manufacturer of electronic equipments and lighting strategy, Royal Philips Electronics NV, announced on Monday that the company had record loss in the second trimester of 1,3 billion dollars. 

    Royal Philips Electronics

    According to the company, the cause for these results is the slow straightening of the companies, investors and people from the emergency period and also the active’s depreciation, according to Reuters.

    The General Manager of Phillips, Frans van Houten, said that the 1,3 billion loss is a product of the operational difficulties, the weaker markets and the damages that the depreciations provoked.

    The company launched a program particularly for the cost’s decrease, of 500 million Euros, and another one for share’s redemptions, of two billion dollars.

    In April June period, this year, Phillips had active’s loss into the health dissection and the lighting devices one, that drawn 1.4 billion Euros damages. Last month, Philips warned that they are expecting such a loss of the profit for the second trimester because of the weak demand of their products from the Western Europe market.

    The lighting division from Philips is the largest from the entire world. According to the company’s estimations, the segment will have a little progress of the sells, comparing with the fore estimations. The operational profits before the paying off will be of almost 75 million Euros, not like 193 million Euros, in the first trimester of this year.

    Also, the division of the electronic devices for the domestic use is confronting with the same position due the weak demand and the decline of the license’s incomes.

    Philips is the biggest produces for the lighting devices and electronic equipments in the world. More, the company holds the third position in the top of the best medical devices manufacturer and the biggest appliances devices from Europe.

    From 2008 or even early on, the company had a slow but constant decrease of the profit and even though the strategy is encouraging the results that come in every trimester aren’t very optimistically.

    Different types of Spy Cameras and Properties

    The market for spy cameras today has delayed notoriously.

    This is because not only public feel the need for security and ask for security solutions more often, but also due to the truth that spy cameras themselves have become higher than what they were.

    Primarily when the CCTV cameras came into the market they were large and bulky and nothing close to being separate.

    These would serve only half their point as people would always know that they are under surveillance and would most often be on their best behavior.

    However, to catch the perpetrators red handed, more successful solutions were necessary that would help to stop the menace for once and for all.

    Catering to these needs the cameras in progress to evolve and today the spy cameras have been modified and improved for their purpose by leaps and bounds.

    The biggest feature of spying is to be discreet. The person who is being spied upon should not recognize that he or she is being watched.

    A nanny who is taking care of your child will most clearly be on her best behavior when she knows that she is being watched.

    Still, when you are not looking, she might be mistreating your child. Your child capacity is too young or too scared to react or say anything.

    You are just rewarding your duty as a parent when you are installing a spy camera at your home to watch over your nanny cameras

      Why is home security more necessary?

      Today security is a more essence in this world. Weather it is of our homes or our shops; we need to give essential measures to make sure that we are not victims to the several miscreants that are consecutively rampant. We need to make sure that we are well protected. There are many ways that we can do this. For a business like a supermarket, a spy cameras should become necessary. This is because it is not possible to put a security guard against every aisle to check shoplifting. The easiest way to watch ourselves against shoplifters is by the use of a hidden cameras. The camera can be cleverly covered behind a light bulb or new similar objects in the ceiling. 
      A CCTV monitor would be locating up in the security room where your hired security guard can keep a watch of all aisles. The cameras would be always recording and therefore you can catch somebody who is shoplifting in the act red handed. A CCTV camera also gives you irrefutable proof of someone who is trapped in the act and therefore there would be no second decisions or confusions about it. CCTV cameras at supermarkets have helped owners decline the loss to their business by a great level. This has also helped in manufacture the business safe. There are many types of such cameras offered and there can be a complex set of cameras setup to ensure that the store is well protected.

      HD Spy Camera Light Switch Can Send Images to Your Phone

      Like a lot of things in this technical world, the HD Spy Camera light switch can be used for good or evil. You could use the spy cameras to be sure no one was in a part of your residence or business where they weren’t allowable.

      Spy Camera Light Switch

      You could also use it to spy on people in different rooms of a home or office. The switch mounts to the hedge and has lots of features that are motivating.

      It has a pinhole camera within behind that logo on the bottom right corner.

      The video it takes is stored to a microSD card and can be shot out to your note pad via USB. It looks like a ordinary light switch according to the market.

      It is not looking like any light switch we usually have in the US to me though.

      It also has a GSM SIM card inside and can send you text message when it senses movement.

      It can shoot still photos or video and can send you an MMS text message of the photo it takes as glowing. You can also trigger the camera to record using your phone.

      Spy Camera Light Switch

      Unfortunately, the video resolution of this “HD” camera is only 320 x 240 but at slightest the stills are in 1280 x 960 resolutions.

      It can be powered by an inner battery or an AC outlet. I wonder why it can’t just get control from the light switch. 

        Hi Resolution Self Recording Spy Cameras

        The spy cameras on these pages have a built in self recording DVR that detects progress.

        When Motion is detected, the DVR will initiate to record. Each recording will be separated into individual video clips.

        The duration of each video clip will be resolute by the length of motion (Ranging between 10 seconds to 2 minutes per clip). Stealth recording is made easy with our latest line of our Self-Recording Spy Cameras and Digital Video Recorders. The camera is activated by motion exposure. The camera records 10 seconds-2 minutes video clips onto a SD card inside the unit.

        Some of the Hi Res Self Recording Spy cameras are:

        Hi-Res Air Purifier Self Recording Spy Camera :

        Hi-Res Air Purifier Self Recording Spy Cameravisit product

          Features :
          • The viewing angle is 80 degrees wide and 70 degrees tall.
          • There are no beeps, no lights, no noise and no sign that a camera or recorder is inside.
          • The video is easily playable on Windows Media Player or any other player. (DivX, etc.)
          • Key features are: camera Lens Sony 4.3mm Color CCD Pinhole Lens, 420 TV Lines Quality. Resolution: 640 x 480 DVD/MPEG2 Quality. Storage Mode: SD and HCSD Cards
            Recording Length: 10 seconds – 2 minutes per clip or per motion.

          Hi Res Brinks Floodlight Self Recording Spy Camera :

          Hi Res Brinks Floodlight Self Recording Spy Cameravisit product

          Features :
          • The camera is pointing out and slightly down.
          • The viewing angle is 80 degrees wide and 70 degrees tall.
          • There are no beeps, no lights, no noise and no sign that a camera or recorder is inside.
          • The video is easily playable on Windows Media Player or any other player. (DivX, etc.)
          • Key features are, Sony 4.3mm Color CCD Pinhole Camera Lens, 640 x 480 DVD/MPEG2 Resolution, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB Sizes Supported.
          Hi-Res IP40 iHome iPod Dock Spy Camera:

          Hi-Res IP40 iHome iPod Dock Spy Cameravisit product

          Features :
          • All of the original functions of the iHome docking station work.
          • Camera and recorder are powered by the iPod docking station’s own power cord.
          • The viewing angle is 80 degrees wide and 70 degrees tall.
          • There are no beeps, no lights, no noise and no sign that a camera or recorder is inside.
          • The video is easily playable on Windows Media Player or any other player. (DivX, etc.)
          • We have a support page on our website where we offer SECURE software downloads; answer common technical issues, installation information and general support.
          • Technical phone support is available during our normal business hours.
          • Key features are, Sony 4.3mm Color CCD Pinhole Camera Lens, 640 x 480 DVD/MPEG2 Quality Resolution, 12 FPS Frame rate
          Hi-Res 32" LCD TV Self Recording Spy Camera :
          Hi-Res 32Visit product

          • The entire original functions of the Element 32" LCD TV work.
          • Camera and recorder are powered by the iPod docking station’s own power cord.
          • The viewing angle is 80 degrees wide and 70 degrees tall.
          • The video is easily playable on Windows Media Player or any other player. (DivX, etc.)
          • We have a support page on our website where we offer SECURE software downloads; answer common technical issues, installation information and general support.
          • Technical phone support is available during our normal business hours.
          • Key features are, 32" Model LCD TV, 420 TV Lines Quality, 640 x 480 DVD/MPEG2 Quality Resolution, Auto-Recycle Recording.
          To know more about spy cameras

          Video recording spy glasses coming to the market

          ZionEyez, a Seattle based startup, has formed a pair of spy glasses that have the capability of recording and sharing HD video discreetly. 

          The product in question, which has been named the Eyes video recording glasses, comes prepared with a 720p HD recording camera, microphone and 8 GB flash memory. 

          The system has up to three hours of battery life and can share information determinedly with both the Bluetooth and WiFi standards.

          When users pair their special glasses with an iPhone or Android based Smartphone the system can broadcast the video directly to the web. If users do not want to flow the video users can save the video and export it through a microUSB port that is hidden on the glasses.

          The device is still in its prototype stage, and since the company has not preferred a final piece of hardware for the recording device, no sample of the quality of the video recording is available at this time, although they do promise that the camera will be able to record in high definition, at 1280x720p.

          When the glasses go on sale they will trade for $200. Users who take benefit of the current pre-order on Kickstarter will get a $50 discount on the price. To know more about spy cameras

          Nursing home employees caught abusing residents on spy camera

          Two nursing aides from Nightingale Nursing Home along Braddell Road was caught on a spy camera abusing a resident, sparking a massive outroar among Singaporeans.

           She was said to have been in that state for 30 minutes.

          A spokeperson for Nightingale Group said this was an isolated incident and that those responsible would be punished.

          The video was recorded by a resident's relative using a secret camera.

           The video clip was taken by a hidden camera put on a patient’s bedside by his son who suspected that the staff were abusing her mother.

          It showed two nursing aides lifting the patient up and throwing her onto a bed. As the elderly woman groaned in pain, one of them was shown slapping her on her mouth:

          The showing incident came to light after the Ministry of Health was alerted to the video. It has since suspended Nightingale Nursing Home from accepting new patients.

          According to a reader who had a relative staying at the home, most of its staff are from the Philipines and Myanmar.

          In a statement issued to the press, a MOH spokesperson said:

          “Our inspectors regularly check that all nursing homes are properly maintained, keep their patient records in order and institute effective infection control measures.

          Nursing home operators are also required to maintain care standards on medication administration, fall prevention, housekeeping.

          CAM Pirate Gets 60 Days for Illegally Recording Movie in theatre

          Samuel Arnold, Jr. used spy glasses with a hidden camera to criminally record movies while they were still in the theater.

          Chicago area resident Samuel Arnold, Jr. seems to have gotten off pretty easy with news that he established only 60 days in jail for illegally recording the movie Easy A while it was still in the theater.

          In a session of genius, Arnold used spy glasses with hidden camera to record the movie, and apparently others, instead of the standard bulky standalone camera.

          The only sad item is that Arnold was posted the movie and others to a website that made the movies available for a fee. In other words, he was a profitable pirate.

          “The assertion was that he was making money off of this,” said Charles Pelkie, a lecturer for the Will County state’s attorney’s office, according to the Chicago Tribune.

          The MPAA recognized Arnold through his IP address and told the theater he frequented to be on the watch out for him. While he showed up to watch the movie Easy A the theater alerted the MPAA and police.
          The punishment for the crime has various widely over the years.

          Back in 2010 Timothy Epifan, of Manville, Connecticut, pled accountable to recording Bruno and received 180 days in jail and 75 hours of society service.

          Last February Robert L. Henderson, of Grandview, Mo., was sentenced to 2yrs in prison and $24,738 dollars in restitution for illegally recording “The Dark Knight.”

          Hasselblad Ships 200 Megapixel digital Camera

          Fanatic Digital SLR Cameras currently reach up to 18 megapixels of image resolution. 

          Professional photographers who can get their hands on a camera that can cost tens of thousands of dollars just got a fresh supermodel to drool over: Hasselblad’s H4D-200MS.

          The H4D-200MS, announced last year, is an renew of the existing H4D-50MS, which delivers 50 megapixels of resolution.

          The new Digital camera uses the similar 50 megapixel sensor, but takes six shots as moving the figure by 1.5 pixels at a time to carry a 200 megapixel image. 

          Hasselblad promises dazzling detail in applications such as car or art photography. Each picture is linking 250 and 300 MB in size.

          The company is advertising the new camera for 32,000 Euros which translates to about $45,000. 

          Owners of the 50 megapixel camera can send their camera to Hasselblad to fit the 200 megapixel upgrade, which is priced at 7000 Euros or concerning $10,000.

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          How to buy an Excellent Spy Camera?

          Spy Cameras are very useful against crime solving nowadays. If you watched the news, there are lots of crimes being covered by spy cams that resulted for the full awareness of the people. 

          These spy gadgets watch cameras are very effective in the sense that they are recording the real happenings and they are very stealthy.

          But due to the growing demand for these devices, many models of spy cameras are popping like mushrooms in the market. This causes hesitation on the people because they don’t know what inspections cam they should purchase.

          Effects – Take into version the lights you will need. Do you desire to be recording in the dark? Is your surveillance camera gonna be located in a quiet area, aloof from natural light?

          High Resolution – Be sure you own good quality resolution. You do not want to capture a crook on video, only to enclose it too grainy to have a superior criterion. Pay out the additional us dollars to obtain a good video resolution.

          Legitimate Capability- Consider irrespective of whether you need voice and or video recordings. Keep in mind that it happens to be prohibited in some states to record a person’s voice. Appreciate this right before buying or you might be paying for a attribute that you are not able to make use of.

          Big Memory – Make certain your camera has bounty of memory. Are you going to have the skill to check out it usually? You don’t wish to use up all your storage just as the crook is approaching! The quantity you need is going to rely on the incidence of which you check your camera and release memory.

          User Friendly – Make sure it is quick to installation. A lot of camera systems are really important edge and you would like to ensure that you install it the right way. Are the recommendations easy to track? Perhaps they have assist that can set up it to outfit your needs? The corporation must also have a webpage that discussion of their product or service in info and will allow you to post them with concerns.

          A guest post by Jay Dawber, who is a usual guy who is a father of two and a good husband to his wife. But as well of being a good dad, he needs to prove his doubts that his wife is cheating on him. He seen all the signs but he can’t do anything to catch her in action. He tried everything but for all time ends up failing. And after some frustrations and boring moment, he discovered a very easy way to find out if his wife is cheating in the form of a spy cellular phone. And he desires to share it to every man, having this scenario in the present.
          To Know more about Spy cameras

          Hidden Camera found in Glendora coffee shop women's bathroom

          Hidden Camera found in Glendora coffee shop women's bathroom. Police arrested a man accused of secretly videotaping more than 40 women using the restroom at a Glendora coffee shop, officials said Wednesday.

          William Zafra Velasco, 25, an unemployed student and resident of San Dimas, was arrested May 4 for purportedly hiding a camera inside the women's toilet for two days in April at the Starbucks in the 1800 block of East Route 66.

          The camera was hidden as a plastic coat hook and was affixed to a wall directly across from a toilet. A Starbucks employee revealed the device and called police, they said.

          Police said, shortly after the system arrested Velasco, who downloaded the device about every hour to his laptop computer while sitting in his car.

          Detectives confiscated his laptop and say they found video of at least 45 female victims, including children, using the toilet. It did not emerge that any of the videos were uploaded to the Internet or circulated, they said.
          Velasco faces felony charges in link with the case. He has posted $50,000 bail and is set to emerge in court June 21.

          So far, police have known 11 victims, but Glendora police are asking for the public's help in identifying the other 34 victims.
          To Know more about hidden camera

          Fujifilm Launches new FinePix S3300 Super Zoom Camera

          Fujifilm India Pvt. Ltd. have recently launched the FinePix S3300, which is the latest in their S-Series of digital cameras.

          The S-Series from Fujifilm consists of the company's DSLR and bridge new camera models.

          The FinePix S3300 appears to be a serious new applicant into the already crowded digital cameras market.

          The 24 mm wide angle Fujinon lens is capable of not just the super zoom, but also of shooting extreme closes ups of subjects located as close as 2 cm from the lens.

          Along with a 3.0 inch display, the camera also has an Electronic ViewFinder (EVF), which is new useful while shooting outdoors under direct sunlight.

          Special Features :
          • 14 Megapixel resolution image CCD sensor.
          • The main USP (Unique Selling Point) of the camera as being advertised by Fujifilm is its powerful 26x visual zoom lens with CCD Shift Image Stabilisation.
          • It supports high sensitivity at up to ISO6400, allowing you to get recovered photos even in insufficient lighting. 
          • HD movie shooting at 720p (1280x720 pixels) is yet another smart feature and you can even play back these movies right through the camera, by hooking it up to your HDTV using a HDMI cable.
          • Smile&Shoot, Face Detection and Blink Detection are also some of the other useful features to this camera.
          • Fujifilm FinePix S3300 is available at an attractive M.R.P. of Rs.15,999 and comes with a 2 years warranty.

          We are sure that customers will have a delightful experience with this camera and it will more strengthen Fujifilm s positioning as a Digital Camera brand with strong technology background." 

            Hidden cameras catch cleaners raiding Swedish trains

            Hidden cameras were used to catch a number of sticky fingered cleaners red handed theft from the restaurant cars of Swedish trains.

            The cameras were installed in February after officials from Swedish public rail operator SJ noticed significant shrinkage in the stocks of liquor, beer, food, and candy found on several restaurant cars, the Metro newspaper news.

            The cameras were put in place directly after the trains were taken out of service and before they were moved to the depot in Hagalund, Solna, but were removed again before the cars were put back in check.

            Following the camera's installation, ten members of the train's cleaning crews were caught in the act, with one suspect being recorded factually wiping the shelves clean and depositing the booty into a large plastic garbage bag.

            "We're talking about thefts of a important amount over the course of a year," SJ spokesperson Dag Rosander said the newspaper.

            The ten cleaners have now been reported to the control.

            Many people not linked to the investigation were also caught on the nearly 50 hours of footage gathered in SJ's quest to unmask the restaurant car thieves.

            As a result of the union's privacy violation concerns, Sweden's Data examination Board is set to review the matter. 

              Electronic Nose can find Asthma

              Dutch scientists have developed an ‘electronic nose’ which can smell within five minutes if anyone has asthma, the reports on Tuesday.

              The paper says the system has been four years in growth at the University of Amsterdam’s AMC teaching hospital and claims 90% accuracy.

              The ‘e-nose’ recognizes the molecular make up of exhaled breath and can also differentiate between asthma and lung disease COPD.

              Easier to use :

              The Researcher Niki Fens said, the paper the equipment is cheaper, smaller and easier to use than traditional machinery used to identify lung problems.

              The researchers also hope the e-nose can be used to classify asthma in young children.

              E-noses are already in use to recognize other diseases and infections and are used in the food industry as well.

              World's smallest Camera Naneye is smaller than a matchstick head

              How do you identify success in technology? In these days, it seems like you want to make things thinner and you want to make things lesser.

              And it really does not get much smaller than the Naneye camera. That tiny imager measures just 1mm x 1mm.

              That makes it slighter than a match head and smaller than a rubber eraser on the end of a pencil. Naturally, such a small camera isn’t going to record in HD (yet), instead, it does 250×250 pixel motion at 44 frames per second.

              While all the pervs and voyeurs out there will possible consider some other uses, the interior application here is within the medical field. 

              You can almost certainly expect to see the Naneye used for endoscopy, dental imaging, surgical bots, and so on. 

              It won’t be lengthy, though, before I am sure this shows up in spy cameras and stealthy observation equipment like those tacky watches and pens.