HD Spy Camera Light Switch Can Send Images to Your Phone

Like a lot of things in this technical world, the HD Spy Camera light switch can be used for good or evil. You could use the spy cameras to be sure no one was in a part of your residence or business where they weren’t allowable.

Spy Camera Light Switch

You could also use it to spy on people in different rooms of a home or office. The switch mounts to the hedge and has lots of features that are motivating.

It has a pinhole camera within behind that logo on the bottom right corner.

The video it takes is stored to a microSD card and can be shot out to your note pad via USB. It looks like a ordinary light switch according to the market.

It is not looking like any light switch we usually have in the US to me though.

It also has a GSM SIM card inside and can send you text message when it senses movement.

It can shoot still photos or video and can send you an MMS text message of the photo it takes as glowing. You can also trigger the camera to record using your phone.

Spy Camera Light Switch

Unfortunately, the video resolution of this “HD” camera is only 320 x 240 but at slightest the stills are in 1280 x 960 resolutions.

It can be powered by an inner battery or an AC outlet. I wonder why it can’t just get control from the light switch. 

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