CAM Pirate Gets 60 Days for Illegally Recording Movie in theatre

Samuel Arnold, Jr. used spy glasses with a hidden camera to criminally record movies while they were still in the theater.

Chicago area resident Samuel Arnold, Jr. seems to have gotten off pretty easy with news that he established only 60 days in jail for illegally recording the movie Easy A while it was still in the theater.

In a session of genius, Arnold used spy glasses with hidden camera to record the movie, and apparently others, instead of the standard bulky standalone camera.

The only sad item is that Arnold was posted the movie and others to a website that made the movies available for a fee. In other words, he was a profitable pirate.

“The assertion was that he was making money off of this,” said Charles Pelkie, a lecturer for the Will County state’s attorney’s office, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The MPAA recognized Arnold through his IP address and told the theater he frequented to be on the watch out for him. While he showed up to watch the movie Easy A the theater alerted the MPAA and police.
The punishment for the crime has various widely over the years.

Back in 2010 Timothy Epifan, of Manville, Connecticut, pled accountable to recording Bruno and received 180 days in jail and 75 hours of society service.

Last February Robert L. Henderson, of Grandview, Mo., was sentenced to 2yrs in prison and $24,738 dollars in restitution for illegally recording “The Dark Knight.”

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